Pain and Loss…

I tell my clients that when they breakup with someone, or go through trauma of some sort that it leaves a scar on your heart. When you lose someone that you love, it’s as if a bullet makes a hole in your heart that never heals. The pain will always be there, you will think of the person when you wake every morning and every night before you go to sleep. It’s a physical and emotional pain that becomes part of who you are the rest of your life.

These things happen in this dimension, because you can’t experience this type of pain, suffering, guilt, loss and regret in heaven. We have to come down to this life to experience it. So why do we have to experience such loss? The answer is not simple, but I do know it is supposed to make us more loving, compassionate and forgiving in the evolution of our soul.

Remember your loved one and respect them by living the best life that you can. Honor their memory. I try to prove to you that they are always around you, they can be at multiple places at once and can see and hear everything you do. I hope you will be able to feel the love they have for you. They are pure light, love and angelic now. Don’t waste one precious moment of life and this chance to make them proud of you. For their love for you is infinite.

Steve Spur

Steve Spur is an Evidential Psychic Medium based in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas area. He reads for people all over the United States to reconnect people with their friends, family and loved ones who have crossed over.

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