If there is Reincarnation? How Can a Medium Talk to Dead people?

Most mediums are hesitant to talk about reincarnation. But, I don’t know a medium that doesn’t believe in it. Here in the Bible belt, folks want to live a good life and go to heaven when they die and want the others who didn’t live the right life to go to hell.

Now up until 503AD there where many Christians secs including the Gnostics who believed in Jesus and reincarnation. If you’re a Buddhist, Hindu or Jewish Kabbalist, you can skip this post, because you already understand the process.

So as a medium, I can talk to your loved ones who crossed over and tell you they are alive and well in paradise. That’s what most mediums do. It’s only half the truth. I don’t know a medium that doesn’t believe we incarnate to another life. Wouldn’t you like to know the whole story? How can mediums talk to dead people if there is reincarnation?

Reincarnation is an interesting concept. We’re born, we live, and we die and start the process all over again. Why? To evolve our souls and to be the best soul we can be. So who decides how many times you’ve got to do this and who’s in charge of this game, God?

No you do. You are in heaven right this moment. This is just one life you are living. You may be living another life on this earth and maybe more in other dimensions. Mind blown!!!

Your soul is in heaven right now.  Your soul is energy. You are a ball of energy that thinks and can look like anything or past life you want to look like. You have some guides that help advise you. Guides who have been around tens of thousands of years. You have a master guide that you choose that have been with you for dozens of lives, maybe even hundreds. And this guide picks other guides to help you in this incarnation.

You have a soul group made up of about 20 to 30 of your closest friends, family and lovers. They are all your soulmates that play different roles in your current life. They all in-act the script that you and them wrote and rewrite every night. Where did you think your soul goes while you are sleeping? You can travel around the world, learn, teach, meet with your soul group and guides, tailoring a life that you will get the most use of.

You also have about another three or four other soul groups that help play the bit roles in our lives as we do for them. So how long does it last? From the time you die and are reborn can be a matter of days to a month to a year. All the time your soul can keep track of everyone that is still living, as well as tell me what you did this or last week.

It was sure a lot simpler to just go to heaven and live happily ever after. And some day it will happen. Are you a few, dozen, hundreds of lives away? If you came to earth and this dimension you are on the rapid plan. It’s tough, but they won’t have you do anything that you haven’t signed up for.

Your loved ones on the other side tell me the most amazing things about reincarnation and the kids can’t keep from telling me about heaven, how beautiful it is and how we all have so much to learn. If you have any questions about reincarnation, private message me and I’ll answer in another post. We’ll probably talk about it tonight in heaven!

Steve Spur

Steve Spur is an Evidential Psychic Medium based in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas area. He reads for people all over the United States to reconnect people with their friends, family and loved ones who have crossed over.


  1. Ingrid Wilkins on January 26, 2020 at 11:41 am

    I would love to have a past life reading. I def chose a life not for amateurs this go round. Are we aware of our past lives when choosing a new life? Do we generally stay with the same spirits over and over?

    • Steve Spur on January 27, 2020 at 4:41 pm

      You always get to choose your new life. You will always reincarnate within the same soul group of between 25 to 30 people. You will always work with peripheral groups (three to four) that you have worked with before. Almost all of the people and groups are on the same soul level and pick lives that will help everybody evolve to the next soul level. The ultimate level being about unconditional love and forgiveness.

  2. Marilou Slagle on February 15, 2020 at 10:39 am

    Are you saying that a soul has “aspects” that are “living” in many times, places, planets, galaxies, universes, realities at the same time? Can a human reincarnate as a tree or a panther? Does every particle in the universe have a “piece” of the creator? is a universe and every particle in it the physical/wave function manifestation of the Great Spirit/Creator/All That IS? Please please please reply. I will give you my email here then when you email me I will give you my phone number. Thank you so much. I am 77 years old this time and I have been trying to figure this stuff out for decades. Marilou Slagle crystalconnectionmjm@gmail.com

    • Steve Spur on February 17, 2020 at 4:30 pm

      You may be living in multiple bodies on this earth plane or other dimensions. The majority of our soul is in a dimension I call heaven. Some Buddhist believe that people can come back as animals. I do not. I believe a horse comes back as a horse, dog a dog, etc. This is why instinct is so prevalent in certain animals. I believe as humans we can detect frequencies in all life, plant and animal. If there are other beings with advanced thought, and I believe there is, they share the same Great Spirit or God that created all.
      Peace, Steve

  3. B Brady on April 12, 2020 at 1:24 am

    My question is . If a loved one passes away , do they retain memories and personality and identity .dso when my time comes and I pass away ,Will I meet them as the person they were ! Iv struggled with the concept of reincarnation as the whole loss of identity throws me and I don’t want to think of my deceased loved ones as a ball of light energy . I want to think of them with personalities , memories and traits that made them who they are .
    So my thinking is , when we pass we return to spirit and the existing personality stays in spirit while part of the soul may return to earth so the spirit/identity stays in heaven with memories intact and another small part of the soul returns to earth !
    Nothing else can make sense to me at the moment ???! Is that your own concept

  4. Scott Gillespie on April 17, 2020 at 3:41 pm

    A lot of mediums, like you Steve, say that those who suffer- chose to suffer, chose to be raped, beaten and murdered, in this life? Why so that some jackass can become a “better” spirit in the next life? Really? Someone chose to be burned alive, beheaded, dragged behind a truck because of their color? Chose, actually chose, to have Hezbollah detonate the largest non-nuclear explosion in history in a truck and drop a 3 story building on the heads of 241 men? For What? For someone else’s benefit? The world of spirit mediums might want to re-tune your antennae and come up with a better reason for why someone would ALLOW themselves to be physically, emotionally and spiritually destroyed on this planet.
    You can’t tell me that people choose to suffer that much pain in a life for someone else’s benefit. And then that pain get distributed throughout their family members and destroys them as well. You HAVE a much better chance to make me believe that GOD is a Mafia Boss and said I had to suffer that much destruction. No, no one chooses that kind of suffering. And I’m speaking from personal experience. No, Steve, I didn’t choose the nightmare I live everyday for someone else. And I sure as hell didn’t choose it for my own betterment. I made the decision and I live with that decision everyday. But my decision was NOT to suffer with un-remitting physical pain everyday. I chose to be a U.S. Marine. I chose to serve. I chose to protect. I did not consciously want that decision to end in unbelievable suffering everyday. But it did and I’ll deal with it my way. Not for someone else’s benefit Steve. Honestly, I’d like to know how you, or any of the Medium universe, would respond and give me or anyone a better reason. Something, anything that makes sense sir. Thank you for your answer in advance Steve.

    • Steve Spur on April 19, 2020 at 1:29 am

      This life is so complicated. Your suffering has a reason. I think a lot of our suffering is karmic. I killed you and tortured you and some life I will have to answer for it to experience the things you went through. Not only will I suffer the same things you went through, but I will experience the pain and suffering for all of those who knew you and what you went through. Someday, in a new life, I’ll decide not to go through that again and will evolve my soul a little bit, once I’ve paid back the karma associated with my actions. This may take hundreds or thousands of lives of doing good, trying to learn unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion and a higher way of thinking. Someday those who are suffering because of a loss of child or loved one, the experience will tear their heart out.

      You may be the first to go through this first in your soul group or in adjacent groups and will be the expert on pain and suffering. You will be able to guide them out of their hole of experiences trying to make them whole again, although none of us that have suffered a loss can be complete again. We all choose the nightmares that happen to us in this life. You choose the major events that will affect you in this life. You have already chosen how you will die in this life. Everything was up for discussion before you came down here. There is a reason for everything you went through in this life and will not know the reasons until this life is over and we have our life review and assessments with our guides in heaven.

      Not everyone chooses the path you took. Only the oldest souls go through the toughest lives all to evolve their souls to be more “Christ like.” If you go through things for others it is karma. If you go through hell for yourself it is to evolve your soul.

      I don’t know everything. I’ve been taught a lot by talking to spirit of my clients I bring through. This is a very tough subject. It took me many years just to scratch the service of why we come down here and have to suffer. I would recommend the following books about past lives and reincarnation for a better understanding or the process.

      Soul Stories, by Gary Zukav
      Many Lives, Many Masters, by Brian Weiss
      Journey of Souls by Michael Newton
      Other Lives, Other Selves, by Roger Woolger

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