There is no death. Only a change of worlds."   

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How the Process Works

How the Process Works Part 2

Steve Spur Reads a Skeptic

Steve Spur Spring Gallery

To schedule a reading with Steve, click here for the easy on-line appointment page.

Go to the Events Page for more information about Steve's "Messages from Spirit" An Intimate Gallery in the DFW Area

Psychic Medium, Steve Spur, connects people to their friends and family who have crossed over to the other side. Steve proves without a doubt that there is no death and we continue to survive on the other side. He will bring through specific messages from the other side that only you and your family can validate. Steve gets first and last names in your family tree, descriptions and names of pets that you and your family had, descriptions of houses, cars, parties, etc. that you will be able to validate.

Come with an open mind and skeptics are always welcome!  Although not everyone who attends a Gallery receives a message, those who attend will receive healing and will learn through the readings of others. There is laughter, sometimes tears and a wonderful feeling
that confirms "there is life after death."

For some Gallery events, Steve invites friends of his, who are also mediums, to come and
share the stage.  You may go to his Meetup to learn about this month's event:

Soul Compass Meetup

This event starts at 6:30 pm and ends at 8:30 pm


Contact Steve Spur


phone:  972-215-8165

Contact PJ Spur            website:

PJ is an Intuitive, with a specialty in past life regression, healing childhood issues and energy clearing.  She is also a Reiki Master and certified hypnotist. 


phone:  972-822-4548                   

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