There is no death. Only a change of worlds."   

Chief Seattle











































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                  "Many times my horse and I have journeyed far
                                 to the camps of my enemies.
                  We have eaten together, we have slept together 
                              and faced many battles together.
                    White men say a horse has no soul, but I have 
                           seen the soul of my horse in his eyes.
               My horse is my brother.  He has the soul of a warrior."

                                   ~Black Elk, Medicine Man

Spiritual Coaching & Past Life Regression

PJ Spur, CHt.

PJ is a Spiritual Coach, certified hypnotist and Reiki Master.   She specializes in past life regression, spiritual coaching and "life between lives" exploration.  She also works with teens and children to support them with life challenges, learning difficulties and other struggles they face in today's world.  






Visit Steve's Meetup for classes in:   Mediumship,  Tarot, Reiki, Group Past Life Journeys, Astrology, Handwriting Analysis, EFT and other energy clearing modalities. We also feature classes and workshops with Guest speakersand teachers.  Just click on Calendar to see this month's events.PJ Spur, CHt. is an Intuitive Coach, certified hypnotist, Reiki Master and EFT Practitioner.  She specializes in intuitive coaching, past life regression and "life between lives" exploration.  She also works with teens andchildren to help with life challenges, learning difficulties and otherstruggles they face in today's world.




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