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Beginning and Intermediate Mediumship Training - Learn The Basics of Spirit Communication and Develop your Skills with Psychic Medium Steve Spur
                   and Psychic Intuitive PJ Spur
(Limited to 12 people - See below for tickets)

Do you want to develop your psychic skills to become an evidential medium? Learn to open up your intuition and mediumship abilities in this foundational class. 

In this class you will learn how to:

  • Begin your Spiritual Path
  • Meet your Guides & Angels (Guided Meditation by PJ Spur)
  • Know which of the psychic senses is strongest for you
  • Open your Intuition, Psychic or Mediumship abilities
  • Open, align and balance your chakras
  • Know how to open and close your connection to Spirit
  • Begin to see auras
  • Use intuitive tools, such as inspired writing, tarot cards, crystals, psychometry, pendulums, etc.
  • Know about Empaths and how to protect yourself from negative energy
  • Read signs and After Death Communications from friends and loved ones.
  • Help and support intuitive and indigo children
  • Practice your skills with other class participants
Participants will receive a class manual called "Evidential Mediumship 101"  

Class Date:    Sunday,

9 AM to 4 PM
(1 hr. lunch break)  

Class Fee:  $99

To Register for this Class,   See Below for Tickets

or RSVP via our Soul Compass Meetup:

Beginning and Intermediate Mediumship

Please bring your PayPal receipt to the event.

Note:  Doors open at 8:30 AM. Please arrive before 9:00 AM, because we will start promptly.   Please Note:  No tickets are sold at the door.

To Contact Steve:

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