How it all began

I just wanted to be a cowboy and was raised in West Texas. My psychic experiences all began at 33, when I was helping my dad move and clean out the attic in 105+ degree heat. I had a heat stroke, fell out of the attic and landed on my head (thank God, ‘cause I’ve been told I’m hard-headed) and received a concussion. A couple of days in the hospital and a few CT scans later and they said I was good as new. Within months I started having crazy dreams, hearing voices and seeing ghosts (Spirit). I didn’t tell a soul! I wasn’t religious or spiritual at the time. I didn’t have a clue about what God had in store for me.

I thought I was schizophrenic. It wasn’t until years later I caught medium John Edward on the Best of Maury Povich at 3am in the morning after surfing some 250 channels on cable (There are no coincidences or chance). That’s when I found out what I had might be a gift.

I found a group of mediums that could explain what was happening to me. I just wanted to stop hearing and seeing spirit. I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want that skill. I prayed and asked my guides and angels why they would curse me with this gift that I didn’t want.

They said, if you came up on someone that was stuck in the mud just off the road, would you help? And I answered, Sure I’d help. Why, they asked? So they could get on their way and go where they’re supposed to. Exactly! They said.

By helping people connect to their loved ones on the other side, you’d be helping those who are stuck, or need to know their loved ones are ok so they can continue on their path and learn the life lessons they are supposed to learn.

For the next seven years I studied locally and from coast to coast to study with the best mediums in the nation and other countries to learn to be the best medium I could be. Every medium is different and I took the skills that helped me most.

Steve Spur

My Journey

I was told by four different psychic mediums when I first started my spiritual journey that I should study the "Red Path" and how the indigenous people of the Americas used psychic abilities, medicine signs and rituals to nurture their spirituality. Like the Red Eagle quote on the front page, I ask God, “Great Spirit,” to give me visions to show the way. I ask Him to make the medicine (my spiritual gifts) good and to make the medicine strong.

I continue to study with the best of the best, because I continue to learn and grow. Yes, I’ve been talking to dead people for more than 15 years now. I believe that all people are born psychic, just like we are all born with athletic and artistic talent. Some of us are naturals. Others, like me, had to learn, study and practice to refine my skills. I know we aren’t alone. All of our family and friends who have crossed over are still with us, watching over us and celebrating along with us.

I’ve got nothing to hide and only one thing to prove: The purpose of mediumship is to give evidence that there is survival after death! You can’t die!

It doesn’t matter what religion you were raised or an atheist. I’m just a radio for the dead! I work for Spirit on the other side to give you their messages. My angels and guides show me slow motion home movies in my head. I can describe what your loved ones looked like, what their wearing, what they drove, where they lived, what their house looked like inside and out, the pets they had and places and celebrations that were important to them. They can show me anything in a movie and they go through my head and know all of the movies, TV series, books and magazines I’ve encountered.

How I Work

Steve Spur

My guides also give me names of both the living and those on the other side. When they give me names of the living (these include family, friends and co-workers) I consider these “shout outs” from the other side to prove that they see you in your daily life and what you are doing. Nothing is wrong with them and they are ok. Everything they give me from the other side is significant and can be validated. Sometimes they will give me every name in your family tree. You may not know some of these names, so just write them down. Place a question mark by the name and don’t dwell on it, so you can hear the rest of the reading. There may be parts of the reading that you can’t validate at the time. Do your research, because the message may be for someone else in the family and will prove to you that I’m not reading your mind! All mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums. They rarely give me something that cannot be validated, but it may come to pass in the near future.

Don’t ask me to tell you about your future. The future is ever-changing and you need to live in the moment. If it is important to know something in the future, your relatives may tell you. Don’t give me any names! It is my job to prove existence on the other side. I want you to get indisputable proof I’m communicating with your loved ones on the other side. Skeptics are welcome! I’m a skeptic!

Your job as the sitter is to keep an open mind and record what is coming through. I’m an evidential medium. I get names and descriptions of your loved ones, their pets and friends. Sometimes I’ll get what cars they drove, their favorite foods, jobs they had, how they died and sometimes dates of births, deaths and anniversaries. Know your family history and if you’re unsure, share this information with another relative so you can validate it! Share the message so others can believe! On the other side, it is all about love, forgiveness and healing. Nobody holds a grudge on the other side! They don’t relive the bad moments on earth, only the good ones. You don’t need a medium to talk to your loved ones on the other side! You can talk to them at any time, as they watch your life on the other side and share your joy and disappointments! Ask them for a sign and be open to what they give you. Once you believe in survival after death, how will you live your life? Our job here is to live love and learn so later we can teach, serve and evolve!