B.Y., Frisco, TX

I just want to thank you for the readings on Saturday. There were some in our group that really needed to hear from their love ones. It has changed their lives for sure. We are spreading the word and you might just see more of us in the future. Thanks again.

Frisco, TX

W. M., Georgia

Hello there!! I had an over the phone reading from you about 2 years ago. I just wanted to let you know how spot on you were, regarding my mom, who I haven’t seen in 12 years. I had no idea where she was, or if she was alive. You told me “She hasn’t passed, or I would know. She would be here, because there isn’t a Hell. You will see her again. You will.” Well, I finally found her, after 14 years!! You were right, I did see her again. She is living in a homeless shelter, but at least she is alive, safe, warm, and dry!! Just thought you should know!!


W. M.

M. M, Ft. Worth, TX

Hi, Steve,
Just wanted to give you an update on a reading you gave me, it might be one for your book. I had attended one of your group circles a few months ago and received a message from my son. At the time a few things hit and a few things didn’t make much sense. However at the end of the meeting you stated that my son said he knew I was having some urinary problems and needed to go have it checked out. At the time I thought “well that’s kind of personal,” but the ironic part was that it was true. I remember thinking at the time, “How the hell could he have guessed that?”

I think of my son daily and his death has been hard on me. In any event, every time I went to the bathroom and it was painful I remembered what you had said. Finally, I heeded the advice and scheduled an appt with a urologist. I’m not one to go to doctors but the message you gave me from my son seemed to haunt me. Sure enough I have a 5 cm bladder tumor, bladder cancer!

You couldn’t have guessed that! Like you say, “I can’t make this stuff up!”  I heeded the advice of my son (can’t describe the haunted feeling I had from it) you have proven to me without a doubt that life really does go on. Our family members that have passed are still with us, active in our lives, and never leave us. Right now the preliminary testing shows that the cancer was caught in the noninvasive stage and hopefully readily treatable.  Your message from my son has probably saved my life. I believe that haunting feeling was probably my son continuing to try to communicate with me. May God bless you and may you continue to share the gift he has given you.

M. M.
Ft. Worth, TX

L.S.,  Dallas, TX

Dear Steve:
I attended your event last night with two of my sisters, just to quickly remind you who I am.

Let me give you a little background on Juan and Grandpa. Grandpa’s name was Ricardo Peña born in 1918 worked and lived on a ranch in Mexico all of his life. My father was his oldest child, you can imagine that my dad just worshiped him and also inherited his ranch after grandpa passed. I don’t believe daddy ever dealt with his death very well and remembers him often so to hear Grandpa say to tell daddy that he’s forgiven and to stop being stubborn and go to the doctor is just too funny. My grandfather was about 6’3, fair skin and baby blue eyes. The same pretty eyes that my baby boy Noah has, he reminds us a lot of Grandpa to say the least. Him dancing and you describing him as a real ladies man describes my granddaddy so well.

Juan on the other hand I’ve always said is the love of my life. Juan and I met when I was 12, I am now 32 years old. I couldn’t get rid of this kid, he followed me around, always trying to make me his girlfriend, coming around the house although he knew that if daddy found out he would kill him but he just made friends with him and got daddy to really care for him. From the time that we were little, he was just stuck on me and I never really knew why. Everywhere I would go and everything that I did he always there. He was deported back to Mexico when I was about 18 and even then he would call me on my birthday, Valentine’s Day, he would call mom and dad on Mother’s day and Father’s day. One year while we were in Mexico for my cousins wedding, I look over and see him with his arm around my dad like it wasn’t anybody’s business. At the time he was living in Juarez, he rode about 20 hours on a bus to come see me without me even knowing. He did that several times without ever thinking twice about it, when he was alive without a doubt he would tell me “In this life time and in the next I’ll always love you.” He always sounded so sure when he would tell me “I would die for you Elizabeth.” My full name is ——— Elizabeth, he always liked to call me by my middle name. What I find so cool about you mentioning the fact that he and I were soul mates really makes sense, I always knew he would do anything for me, I had never felt so safe with anyone like I did with him. Most people will tell you that I’ve always said that “He knew me like the back of his hand.” I can’t begin to tell you how much I miss him and the guilt that I have for now being remarried and with the arrival of my 6 month old twins I feel bad about the fact that Juan is still with me and very much a huge part of my life. 

Your explanation of what he and I are and how we are connected or “soul mates” now explains the huge attachment I still feel to him. I was starting to feel a little crazy for missing this kid to death and not having any peace and or for not being there for him when he passed. Thank you, 1000 times thank you for your kind words. I think it’s a real blessing the gift you have and I’m glad that God led me to you. I’m sure last night wasn’t the last time I will see you so take care, God bless and see you soon!

Dallas, TX

A.K.,   DFW, TX

Good Morning,
I was able to talk to my mom and she was able to validate most of the information.  The Detroit connection was that my aunt used to live up there and the ford galaxy was the car my grandfather used to drive.  Thank you so much for the reading, it was one of the most awesome experiences I have had, it was unbelievable. When I left, I was smiling all the way home, it was an unbelievable feeling.


C.P.,  Nevada

With the first name Steve spoke during my reading and I knew he was genuine. From beginning to ending of the reading I had no doubt Steve was communicating with my loved ones. Steve himself is compassionate, knowledgeable, and has a delightful sense of humor. I highly recommend Steve and would have him do any future readings for me. Thank you Steve.



Steve can only be aligned with the best… My first experience with a medium on 6/2/09 and I am overwhelmed with the accuracy of his reading. I was able to validate everything he said. With Steve’s willingness and compassion towards me, I can finally begin to walk towards the path of healing. And his Texas drawl also aids in soothing the soul! Such a warm natured soul himself, he is the only medium I will ever use if I decide to seek another reading!


D.M.,   Carrollton, TX

Hi Steve,

I always like confirmation, so here is what I found out with the information you received.

You asked me about Bucky and I said maybe it’s Bunkie.  Well, he is alive and that is a nickname for one of my older cousins.  Then you said Butcher or maybe Butch, well Butch is the nickname of his brother who is also still alive.  The person you were receiving the information from is their younger brother Don who passed away several years ago.  You also mentioned the turquoise refrigerator and I said I would find out because in my past I thought I remembered one.  I asked my mother and she talked to my cousin Kay on Sunday and she is who owned the refrigerator, which is their sister.  They are all much older than me.  Kay is in her late 60’s and Butch and Bunkie are middle 60’s.  We called Don little Don because he was named after my father.  Just to let you know little Don was not little he was big like Hoss Cartwright, all of my cousins are huge (not fat) but big tall men.

Little Don has never come through for me and Sunday was the first time and he wanted me to know it was not my dad. You mentioned about a Seminole dog, white coat.  Well Kay told my mother Sunday (about the time I was with you) that she had to put her white Alaskan Husky to sleep on Sunday and that dog was like her daughter and made Kay cry so Kay called my mom just to talk and to get her thoughts on other things.

You told me to write down the name Audrey, Audelia or something like that,

well Butch’s oldest daughter is named Audelia. My Uncle Jack chewed Beechnut tobacco and he’s their dad.  We always had to make sure we didn’t kick over the spit cans everywhere that Uncle Jack sat.  Uncle Jack was my favorite Uncle and he too crossed over in the 70’s.

Then you asked me if my daughter’s boyfriend had a necklace with sea shells I said I would find out and sure enough Bailie my daughter told me she made one for him and he does wear it.  You told me my dad escorted her and her boyfriend when they went to a concert.  My dad passed away 18 yrs ago and I know he is always with one of us.  You said he approved of this boyfriend.  This was a comfort for me because her last boyfriend was a devil and she didn’t date for quite a while because of him. That’s probably why he brought that up.  Last boyfriend was very dangerous. 

I know you had a good time on Sunday once it got started.  I know you were worn out once you got home.  Picking up on the Universe makes one tired, as well as rejuvenated. Thank you once again for picking up on my cousin, Don. Also I’m named after my dad, the female version.

Hope your having a good moment,

Carrollton, TX

A.M.,  Kentucky

Well hello to you Steve Spur I hope you and your family had a relaxing holiday and I wish you all the best in the New Year. 

I don’t know for certain that you will remember me, however I felt a duty to follow-up with you to let you know of a number of certainties that have come to fruition from our reading.  I am Amy in Kentucky.  To quickly note a few things that I hope will trigger our reading together as I know you must meet so many souls.  I sent you photos of my children and myself as well as an orb photo.  My grandfather used to place a nickel under my mothers lunch plate to get her to eat her “peas”.  Stating this, I do hope you can recall our reading and me in your mind.

Steve, AMAZINGLY before I found you I had entered my name online on a waiting list for a reading with world-renowned psychic “Char”.  She as did you named relatives going back to my great grandparents exactly by name.  She also had great concern for the protection of my daughter (my blonde, blue eyed little girl as myself and my husband and son have brown) She stated, as you did, that her spirit guide was “Paul” as in the biblical sense.  She stated she is an Indigo Child and needs to be handled with great care.  She has never lived as a human; she is a former Angel who is heavily protected by other Angels and Paul because she has specific work here on Earth that God has sent her here to accomplish.  She will be assisting in reining in the new world that will be coming and she is instrumental in this process with other indigo children and needs to be heavily protected by me.  Char stated she will encounter a lot of negativity and jealously from others during this process, people that could mean her harm.  Also, she stated that the name I chose for her was no accident.  Her name came to me at the very end of my pregnancy when I still had not decided on anything i.e. Victoria as you stated she has special gifts and you named her guide as Paul.  She also stated that it was imperative that I teach her to surround herself with the white light of protection that there was spirits that want to stop her assignment here on Earth.  You and I discussed how she wakes up crying at night with terrible dreams and “ghosts” as she says.  I told you how our BIG “GREY” CAT (you named his color and size during our reading as well) protects her when he stays in her room during these bad nightly events as a guardian of the door to the other side.  Char was concerned about spirits dead and some that have been born to try and STOP her.

Also, she stated as you did that I am empathic and psychic.  All my collective spiritual experiences up to now were to prepare me for her arrival and for my preparation of her duties here on Earth as a human.  Only the fact that I’ve gone thru what I have in life was for this soul purpose.  She stated like you did that this was why her eyes were so piercing blue.

The letters that you mentioned – something was going to be discovered in my near future about some letters and old photos…shortly after Thanksgiving my sister in Georgia called me to tell me that out of no where my mother’s brother’s wife was passing thru town and met my sister for dinner.  At this union she presented my sister with a box full of old letters and photos from my Mother’s childhood.  Pictures of my grandparents I had never seen.  Pictures of my mother as a baby, toddler, teenager and gorgeous young women in her prime all black and white and amazing.  Also amidst all these different letters were several while she was pregnant with me how they thought they had lost me in 1970 in utero after somepassing of placenta and the doctor told her she had miscarried me and took her off her nausea medicine and essentially gave her abortion pills so she could effectively pass the rest of the fetus.  She was four moths pregnant with me.  After one week of taking these abortion pills nothing further was expelled and her nausea vamped up worst than before and when my father took her to the doctor the letters stated the Doctor went white when he heard my fetal heartbeat.  Immediately took her off the abortion pills and had great concern of me and if serious damage may have been done to me due to the pills and partial placenta passing.  I of course came with NO problems or physical limitations, which could not be explained.  You can hear her distress in her letters of her concern for me in utero.  Then letters to follow of my arrival home from the hospital and the elation of my parents.  Letters of struggle, letters of my growth.  Truly touching and amazing.  The letters also stated that everyone that met me said I just illuminated light (as does my daughter now).

With all the things that have happened in my life where I have come so close to death and two drownings that I came back from.  I now know why I’ve been seeking that I had something special to accomplish here other that what I am doing in my general every day life – which I always felt burning but it always seemed right out of reach for me or behind this veil blowing in the wind that I could not see or make out.  I am now going to read everything I can about indigo children and my duties/responsibilities to the universe to ensure she completes her mission here on Earth.  Without your help and Char’s collectively I would still be searching if I had not seeked you and her out I believe with the help of my guides.

Also are you ready for this, at the end of our reading she stated to me had anyone ever told me about my spirit guide I stated recently “yes” (i.e. YOU) she got quiet and stated to my sheer amazement…your guide is a male Native American named “running deer” as you stated to me!!!  He was a gifted Native American that once lived here on Earth and that he has been sent here at my birth to veraciously protect me from harm so that I could give birth to Ava and teach me lessons I needed to know about the spiritual realm so I my assist Ava in her journey assignment given to her directly from God.  I was COVERED in goose bumps and I mean COVERED!

Steve as Char stated my reading was so “supposed to be” that things worked out in her life recently for this last opening before she leaves for Australia with famous psychic John Edward.  She stated that she did not believe this reading was an accident but directly manipulated from the Heavens to make me aware in this New Year of my Indigo child.  However, I believe my reading with you was also meant to happen to give me the validity that I needed and received from your reading that was a catalyst to hers.  I believe my Native American guide led me to you of all the people on the Internet to look for I was brought to you for your Native American knowledge and realm to that spiritual world that you so very well understand because I was so very moved by your words onyour website and I always felt a pull to Native American culture since I was a very little girl.  Char also stated that it is no accident that I am an avid gardener – that I give back to the Earth, is my gift and my Native American guide guards me as I garden.  She also stated (AS DID YOU) did I see my Native American Guide when I was gardening once she is being told I saw him (YOU SAID THOSE EXACT WORDS TO ME)…  I stated yes in his full Native American attire, feathers headband, medicine bag, riffle and all standing by a tree – vigorous, muscular, toned and large – she said that was supposed to happen the time and way it did.  She also stated that other Native Americans here from this Kentucky land our house sits on assist my guide in the utter protection of this house.  She asked if I lived next to water, I stated YES and that the lake across the street from us at the adjacent farm I can see from my backyard garden and kitchen sink window (I LOVE this water) ushered in a lot of power for the Native Americans currently here helping my Native American guide in our protection.  She stated they LOVE how I plant so many trees and give back to the Earth she asked if I had planted three new trees last year.  I did indeed plant 3 new trees last Spring and 4-lealand cypresses.  She said they LOVED this and enjoy watching my garden creations. 

I truly thank you and hope to one day meet you.  I do hope we may speak again sometime on the phone.  Char stated that she does workshops in Texas (as I know you and your wife do) and she would love me to come and attend one of these in Texas because she feels I have only just “tapped into” my potential.  If this ever does come to fruition on a trip out to visit my older sister in Los Angeles – I hope to meet up with you as well to thank you in person! Take care of yourself and I thank you again!  You are truly gifted and “touched” by God as well!

Best Regards Always,



I want you to know I think about the reading you gave me all the time, and you have opened me up a lot to my spirit and what my purpose is here and what Alayla’s life was for, I knew I was opened about her death and knew it wasn’t ever to hurt me but instead to wake me up, I’m remembering things about when I was a child and astral projection and lucid dreams, I remember hearing ringing in my ears and feeling someone next to me and recently asked a man I feel around me all the time to come closer and got that same ringing in my ears and I think I have been seeing orbs out of the corner of my eyes and what blew me away was learning about the chakras and third eye and that its actually been open since I was a child I just thought seeing all those stars on a black screen and seeing all those colors and sliding down them like I was on a roller coaster ride was fun and cool, a few weeks ago I felt like I was even watching a mother and her child but it was like I was seeing it through static on a TV screen, I know I’m out of balance and have a lot of my person to work through and I pray that I can because I do know I am hear to help and help others to heal, I remembering telling you I felt like I didn’t know my path and I feel lost for some reason, I know I’m still very young and have years to find my purpose, but I want you to know I feel that talking to you was my first step in that direction and I still can’t thank you enough for it!


Ft. Worth, TX