The Purpose of Mediumship, is to Give Evidence There is Survival After Death!

Understanding Mediumship:

You can be psychic without being a medium. But, all mediums are psychic. There are three major types of psychic Mediumship: Trance, Physical or Mental.

Steve Spur

Mental Mediumship: Mental mediums communicate with spirits by thought. They are used as a channel or receiver for spirits to communicate through Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, etc. This type of medium may hear the voice of the spirit in their mind or see the spirit or symbols of the spirit in their mind.

A mental medium is just like a radio. He or she receives vibrations from the other side from our loved ones, Spirit guides and Angels. The medium must raise his vibrations and those on the other side of the veil must lower theirs. It is like trying to pick up an AM radio station on your drive out of town. The time you have to receive a signal is very limited. Some mediums are better at picking up different vibrations or stations than others. Each medium has specialized gifts and is usually best at two or three of the six ways of getting information from the other side and these intuitive skills are: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairsentience, Clairalience and Clairambience.

Physical Mediumship: Physical phenomena is the manifestation of Spirit in a way that can be seen, heard and felt physically by all those present. Materialization is where ectoplasm is formed using energy and material from the medium, surrounding sitters and room fabrics to create a replica of the Spirit communicator’s physical body as it was before they crossed over. Physical mediums will use physical manifestations such as moving objects, levitation, flashes of light, materializations of objects and persons through ectoplasm or light.

Trance Mediumship: Trance mediums put themselves in a self-hypnotic trance that allows spirits from the other side to speak directly through the medium’s body and voice. The medium is totally unaware of anything that is taking place or what transpires during the trance. Edgar Cayce may be one of the best known trance mediums in the world.

SteveClairvoyance literally means Clear Seeing. This is the ability to see things in your mind’s eye. When you shut your eyes and think of somebody, you can see them in your mind. Some Mediums can see Spirit outside of their mind, as though the person is real, seeing the vibration of the bodily form. Clairvoyants can see the Spirit in their mind’s eye as a movie or a still photograph. Often times Spirit will choose this way to communicate with the medium by giving them information by flashing words or symbols, like on a chalkboard in the medium’s mind’s eye so the medium can pick up names and written information. 

Clairaudience is Clear Hearing.  Think of someone calling your name.  Maybe it is your Mother calling you when you got into trouble.  This is what it's like when a Spirit Guide or someone who has crossed over calls to you.  You literally hear something in your head.  Your Spirit Guides will use this
inner voice to talk to you through your thoughts.  With experience you will be able to tell the difference between random thoughts and communications.

Claircognizance is Clear Knowing.  This is the gut feeling you get when you just know something.  You don't know how you got it, you just know.  A claircognizant feeling is  a feeling of clear certainty.  The information pops into your head as if it were a memory.  But you don't remember learning the information in a convention way.  If you hear a song, your mind goes,"Oh, yeah, I remember when I first heard that on the radio."  With Clair-cognizance, you won't be able to remember, you will just have the information.Trust what you know.  Beginning mediums are reluctant to pass on information that they get from claircognizance, because they didn't hear it or see it, even though the information is just as important and must be passed on. 

Clairsentience is Clear Sensing.  This is when you can feel the emotions or pain someone else felt or is feeling. You often feel what the person is feeling when they are feeling the sensation. If spirit is communicating about pain in the elbow, then you will feel the pain in the elbow. The medium feels the ailments of the person who has crossed over, feeling the same problem that person they had while they were here on the earth plane before they crossed. If the Spirit suffered with heart problems, cancer, stomach problems, loss of a limb, tumor on the brain, the medium will feel these problems and the feelings will leave when the medium acknowledges the Spirit being there. This offers additional proof to the sitter as to with whom the Medium is communicating.

Clairalience is Clear Smelling.  This is the ability to receive scents during sessions. You will be able to get all kinds of smells including perfumes, foods, etc. Scent is very powerful in our memories and scents can connect us to emotions. Sensitive mediums can smell the odor of the person who is not on the earth plane. They may smell pipe tobacco, cigarettes, food, and different spices. Sometimes the mediums can smell the place of employment where the spirit worked like a chemical factory, the docks or a farm.

Clairambience is Clear Tasting. This is the ability to receive tastes during a reading. The medium may be able to recognize different tastes such as food and drink. It may be the taste of a drink that connects the spirit to the sitter. It may even be the taste of chemicals that the spirit tasted while going through medical procedures like chemo.

The more precise information a medium is able to communicate, the better the message for the sitter. The very best mediums can give indisputable evidence, such as bringing through the names of relatives, dates, physical characteristics, shared memories, etc. of the person who has crossed over to prove their existence in the afterlife. The better the messages the more renowned the medium becomes.

SittingIn attending a medium’s gallery, circle of light or séance or a private reading, there are certain guidelines the sitter should follow to get the most out of a reading. First and foremost you should have an open mind. Skeptics are welcome! You should always be skeptical to make sure you get an accurate message that you or someone you know can validate. But if you go into a circle with your arms crossed and the attitude that the medium is going to “have to prove to me” or if a certain individual doesn’t come through for you, then you won’t be a believer, then it isn’t going to happen. You will find out soon enough when you cross over yourself. I love it when mediums bring through a spirit that was an atheist in their earth life. And the first message to the sitter is, “I was wrong!” 

When the medium delivers a message you should only validate it with a “yes” or “no.” After the reading you can put the pieces together and explain to the medium who they were talking to. You also want to give the medium a chance to give as much information as they can. If the medium tells the sitter that they have a father figure coming though, and you answer, “That’s my father Bob!” then you have prevented the opportunity for the medium to tell you that the spirit is “Bob.” If you have a question to ask, ask the spirit to which the medium is communicating with to give you an answer. Be a skeptic! Make those on the other side and the medium work for you.

Remember you want indisputable proof! Before John Edward’s mother died of cancer, he and his mother agreed on three “code” words that she could give to another medium to prove she had crossed over and was well. It took John nearly three years to hear all of the code words from his mother. The great magician Harry Houdini also had a similar arrangement with his wife and he never did receive validation after her crossing. You have to be open-minded; as spirit will give you the messages you need to know at this time and place in your life. Don’t let the medium ask you questions! Ask the medium what they are seeing and if that makes sense to you. Validate it by saying, “Yes, that makes sense to me." And have them go on. Remember the medium doesn’t have to understand the connections, just you do!

It is the medium’s job to provide or share everything they are hearing or seeing for you, and your job to record and open your mind up to think of all of the possibilities and facts that are brought through so you can validate them now or later. Some mediums may get a full name, while others may be a bit more general. If a medium brings through a grandmother spirit but can’t give you a name, you don’t want to dismiss the message. Let the medium describe what she looks like, where she lives, a past event you and your grandmother shared. This way you can validate the message.

Remember a medium is like a radio and sometimes the signal they are receiving on the other side is weak or distorted. You don’t want to dismiss a message coming through to you from a grandfather that the medium says is a “Jack,” if you called him “Jackson.” If a medium is giving you a message that you don’t understand at the moment, just say, “I can’t validate that right now.” Don’t keep saying “no, no, no,” to the medium because the person on the other side will give up and the medium will give up. Two days later you may contact the medium and say, “Oh, I did have an Uncle Ted. What was the message?” but, then it is too late.

Tape or have someone else write down everything the medium is saying. You can go back over the notes or the recording later to try to validate something the medium said. During the reading you want to give the medium your undivided attention and don’t dwell too long trying to remember something the medium is saying, keep in the moment. Your loved ones only have so much time to connect because it takes so much energy.

Know your family history before you sit with a medium. I have had great-grand parents come through whom I never met. They were able to tell the medium everything I was currently involved in, were I worked and things that were coming up in the near future! And they were right on! If I would have dismissed them or failed to validate them, I would have missed some important messages. Sometimes those who have been on the other side the longest have stronger voices or have figured out how to contact us easier. On the flip side of this, don’t discount messages of recently deceased loved ones. I’ve was surprised to find out I had brought through messages of people who had crossed over  just eight days earlier and another just a few months earlier. So leave your mind open to who may show up. Spirits will give names of friends and loved ones still living to get your attention and to prove they see what is going on in your life now!

Some of the best and strongest validations have come from information you were unaware of, and by checking with someone else in your family you will find the message to be true. This is further validation that the medium isn’t reading your mind. In some cases your relatives on the other side may give you information about something that is going to happen in the near future for you to validate later.


So Now You’re A Believer! What's Next?

Once you get proof that there is life after death this ought to be a life changing experience! Your loved ones are on the other side helping you! How will you live your life now that you know that your soul doesn’t die? Will this shed a little more light on the meaning of your life? Why are you here? What do you need to learn? What do you do now? Your relatives who have crossed over to the other side and Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels, who have been guiding you down your life’s path can help even more, because now you can talk to them!

Everybody is born with psychic ability and psychic gifts. Just like everyone is born with athletic or artistic abilities. It is how you use these abilities and how you practice these abilities that will allow you to use them to their full extent. I don’t believe everybody with psychic ability will become a full-time psychic medium like John Edward. But, by practicing and using your God given skills you will be able to help yourself, members of your family, friends and anyone who needs your help!

Once you get that proof that we survive death, what’s next? Don’t ask your relatives who have crossed over, angels and guides to give you all of the answers! Number one, they won’t give them to you. They may point you in the right direction as they have been doing all of your life. It is very complicated to explain “Where do we go from here?” You will learn the answer to what you’re life’s work should be. More than likely you are already on your path and any information you receive from the other side will validate this for you! Basically you came down to earth to learn certain lessons. You want to learn these lessons to grow spiritually. You can grow on the other side, but it is hard to learn some lessons in heaven, so you will experience, for example, lost love, pain, death, grief, greed, etc. And some of these lessons have to do with Karma in other lifetimes. You contact your Spirit Guides and Angels so they can give you guidance when you need it, but you must ask for their help! Our job down here is to learn, teach, serve and love! Everybody on the other side wants you to learn so you can grow spiritually. 

Your Spirit guides, Guardian Angels and God know in advance what lessons and struggles are coming up for you and they are there for you and will help you learn your life lessons. Not all lessons are negative. You can ask to learn your lessons in love and beauty! This life should be a fun adventure! Remember we all have free will and you picked this life! To make this life easier and fuller you can learn to talk to your own loved ones who have crossed over and talk to your own Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels.