Note: Steve is not doing any  In-Person Readings at this time. Readings are available by Phone OR Zoom/Skype/FaceTime.

Your reading will be a validation of your loved one's transition to the other side. Steve will deliver messages for you from people in spirit to help with whatever you are dealing with. Often these messages help you heal from grief, resolve unfinished business or solve family issues.

Steve receives these messages directly from your friends and loved ones who have crossed over. Steve can't control who comes through, but the person you need to hear from at this time, will come through.

Steve Spur and client

It's really easy!

You will select an appointment day and time and pre-pay.

You have your choice of a Phone Reading or a Zoom/Skype/FaceTime Reading from the comfort of your home or office. It's easy, because you just click and choose. All readings include you and one other family member. Additional family members are $25 each.  Please do not use this option for people who are not related by blood.
Instead, book a group reading for up to 6 people and enjoy 2 hours with Steve on Zoom.

Please note that Steve does not do readings on demand.  The easiest way to get an appointment with Steve is to use the Schedule an Appointment feature shown above.

Gift Certificates Available!

Contact Steve and order a gift certificate for a Phone Reading or a Zoom/Skype/FaceTime reading. We create a personalized gift certificate for your friend or family member and send you a pdf. You can print or forward it to the recipient. We also include a letter with directions on how to schedule the reading. Gift certificates are valid for one full year.

What to Expect

Find out what to expect during a reading.

Steve Spur with group Zoom reading

Family Group Reading up to 6 people

Steve is available for a few family group readings on Zoom. Each event is 2 hours and includes up to 6 people. Everyone who attends has a chance to get a reading. Click on the button above to schedule your group reading.



In case you have an emergency or illness and can’t make your appointment, please give me at least 24 hours notice.

In this way, I can offer your session time to another client.  Otherwise, I may ask you to pay for the missed  appointment or I may choose not to reschedule with you. 

Please notify me by telephone by calling 972-215-8165 and leaving a voice mail message or sending an e-mail to me at:

  • Same day cancellations will be charged 50% of the fee for the scheduled reading.
  • There are no refunds if you do not call to cancel your appointment or do not show up for your scheduled appointment.