Steve SpurMy guides and angels show me slow-motion home movies in my head about the people you want to hear from. While I watch these movies, I can describe what the people look like, such as what clothes they wore, what their house looked like, what they drove, etc. Sometimes they show me their pets and take me into their houses, so I can describe their belongings when they were on this side. If they show me a particular still photograph, it means that you actually have this photograph of them, either on the wall, somewhere in the house or in the family photo album.

 Sometimes I hear directly from the Spirit we are trying to contact and other times they talk through my guides. They will give me names of people that are living as well as those crossed over. The names they give me of the people that are living are just “shout outs” and acknowledgements. They will name friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and schoolmates, just to tell you that they see who is involved in your life.

They will also give me names of people who have crossed over. These can be anybody that you have ever known who may have died. They may give me the name of a great-grandfather who you have never met. But, they wouldn’t give it to me if you couldn’t validate it later. I’ve had Spirit name everyone one in the family who is living and most of the family tree on the other side.

The people who have crossed will tell me their favorite TV shows, meals, pets, what they did for work, if they were in the military, how they died, things that you were doing last week. They can tell almost anything about themselves AND you. The point they are try to prove to you is that they are alive and well on the other side, along with their friends and family.

The purpose of a medium is to give you evidence there is survival after death. After a Spirit has proven their identity, they like to have a family reunion. They can give you guidance on important issues concerning your life now. They will not give you the lotto numbers! It doesn’t work like that. They may tell you to add three quarts of oil to your car, so it doesn’t blow an engine or that there may be a nail in your tire. They won’t tell you if anybody in your family is going to have a car wreck next week, because it would interfere with your life lessons. They are not allowed to change the path you may take. (Your angels and guides can help you make changes and choices, but only if you ask them for help!)

All of your relatives love you from the other side regardless of the relationships you had with them on earth. They celebrate when you and your family celebrate and are with you when you are going through hard times. I can’t control who comes through for you. You may want to talk to your father, but your mother comes through. All we can do is ask for your father to step forward. He may be off someplace saving another world, so don’t discount what mom is saying. It might be a message from your father!

Heaven is not a place in the sky. Heaven is another dimension that is all around us.  It is like a 360 degree, two-way mirror all around us. Those on the other side can hear and see everything they want to see in our dimension. You don’t need a medium to talk to your loved ones! They can hear you at any time. You can ask them to give you signs. These are also called After Death Communications (ADC’s). They can make their favorite song right when you are thinking about them. They can drop pennies and feathers through from the other side for you to find. They can flicker the lights in your house, turn your TV on or off and even reset your alarm to wake up to a certain song on the radio. All you have to do is ask!

So how will you live your life knowing that you can’t die? Life is not about making as much money as you can to buy the most material goods. .You came down to “Earth School” to learn life lessons. Most of those lessons involve relationships with people. How will you treat your fellow man? You have come down here to learn grief, suffering and pain, because you can’t experience these lessons in Heaven!