Skeptics Welcomed …

I’m the biggest skeptic in the world. Not the amazing Randy or anyone else. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. You know what I’m talking about. You see I thought I was going crazy. I was seeing ghosts, hearing music (when there was none), hearing voices, seeing little men that fade away. I mean I didn’t dare tell anyone for fear they would lock me up. Now, my wife will be the first to tell you that I need to be locked up. But, not for the reasons mentioned above. About the time this was going on in my life, I couldn’t get to sleep and ended up surfing the TV channels at 3:30 in the morning. I came across a best of Murray Povich and the whole show was about this medium named John Edward. I was hypnotized by this guy. How in the hell was this guy pulling this off, because I didn’t believe in talking to the dead and such. If nothing else this guy is a great entertainer. I loved watching him. But, I wasn’t a believer.

Next, John started talking about how he got started and how he didn’t believe before some of the things happened to him. You’ve got to read his books, “One Last Time, Crossing Over and Afterlife.” It turned out he had a show on the Science Fiction channel. I watched an episode and was still taken with this guy! I bought his book a few days later. The things he talked about sounded good enough to be true, but he has to convince the biggest skeptic in the world.

Around this time my wife suggested we go to a psychic fair. We did and I got a reading. It could have been chalked up to a cold reading, like some horoscopes. But the crowd was a buzz about a medium named Marco Rodriguez. He was booked up the first ten minutes of the fair, so we came back and stood at the front of the line to get a reading. 15 minutes for ten dollars, why not? Marco knocked my socks off! He named my two grandfathers who had crossed over, they told him what I did for work and then one grandfather told him something that only one other person in my extended family knows. Wow! I was stunned. It was incredible. I really felt good after the reading. I know my relatives are in a place I call heaven. This one time atheist, agnostic and now believer was a little relived. I bet on the right team.

Still the skeptic that I am, needed another sign. I started to go to some psychic medium circles around the area and got more evidence. I’m talking about evidencial mediumship. I want to know names, nicknames, dates of births, deaths, where they lived, what they did, pets’ names, you see where I’m going. Well after about three or four months I believe there are mediums who can talk to the dead. I was told that I could develop my skills and become a medium.

I don’t know about that. I’ll ask for a sign. I asked my deceased grandfather for a sign. I wanted him to show me a feather. No later than 15 minutes later I walked into a jewelry store and a book was open to a page of silver feathers! Okay, that was just too damn easy. I asked again. I’d like a real feather this time. One from an actual bird. Walking to my truck, low and behold on my windshield was a small white feather! That’s nice, but the timing was off. I mean it looks like a coincidence to me. I should have been a little more specific. So I asked, “It’s not that I’m trying to make you mad or anything, but if you can produce feathers that easily, I’d like a blue feather from a real bird.” Thirty minutes later on my way out of a drugstore, I dropped my keys just outside of the door and right next to my boots was the prettiest little blue Blue Jay feather. Strike three! I’m a believer. I became known as three signs Steve. One sign is chance, a second is a coincidence, but the third, B’ God has to be the real deal!

I asked for my Spirit Guide’s name. You are damn right he’s a very patient Spirit Guide! He showed me a billboard on the highway that said so and so has the heart of an Eagle. His name is Eagle Heart, a very wise and patient Spirit Guide. At the time I worked at the airport and the next day I was reviewing applicants for a $9’hr job. Some joker sent his resume in that wanted $45 thousand dollars. I’ll bet you do and deleted it. The next day it appeared again! This time I had to see who this idiot was. “Ingle Hart!” Okay I’ll give that one since it came up twice. The next day over the loud speaker the flight attendant was calling for late passengers. “Igle Hart, Mr. Igle Hart…” I dropped my pen and stood up. I had to see what this guy looked like. No luck, he never showed up for the flight. Okay I’m convinced.

Okay I’m a believer now. There is a point to this story besides the fact that I’m the biggest skeptic in the world. Well, maybe the second behind the Amazing Randy. Anyway, I love skeptics, because I was one! I love making believers out of the clients I get. I want them to leave my office or hang up the phone and not have one doubt in their head. I would like them to feel like I did when I got my first outstanding reading from Marco! I want them to feel the relief, joy and all the great feelings you get from talking to a loved one or friend who has crossed over. Let me tell you, it feels just as good delivering the message. So why not deliver as many messages as I can? What would you do, what would you change, how would you live? If you knew that your relatives on the other side can see everything that you do? How do you live knowing there is a heaven and Karma? Everything you do can help others on earth and get you closer to your goal on the other side? What would you have done differently? How will you go on from now…

Peace, Steve

Steve Spur

Steve Spur is an Evidential Psychic Medium based in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas area. He reads for people all over the United States to reconnect people with their friends, family and loved ones who have crossed over.

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