My Spirit Guide Knows a Guide, Who Knows an Angel…True Story

My Spirit Guide Knows a Guide, Who Knows an Angel…True Story

I really don’t care what people think of me. My wife reminds me that I can be an ass at times. But, I’m not one who would ambush an unsuspecting person with a message from someone who has crossed over. Homey don’t play that! I don’t like mediums that do that. If someone comes up to me that I don’t know and tells me they have a message from someone that has departed, is looking for an old fashioned West Texas cowboy ass whipping!

That being said, I was in Florida with my wife at a conference that had a lot of metaphysical speakers. We were enjoying a presentation by Denise Lynn when I saw young women in the crowd and something clicked. I heard a voice in my head say, “There she is.” So she’s attractive and I have a guide that thinks the same. I didn’t think any more about it. It turned out that the women ended up sitting near my wife and me. The voice came back, “She needs a reading.”

Sorry about her luck, because I don’t do that!

We broke up in small groups to do a past life regression. This woman was in a group with my wife and they would get to exchange small talk. The voice said, “It’s not for her it’s for someone she knows.”

Sorry for the person she knows. I don’t do that.

Now on my website I offer pro bono readings for people that are distressed, grieving and can’t afford the $50 it costs for a thirty minute reading. I get a ton of emails asking for free readings. I read them and throw it up to my guides and they say yes or no. I trust my posse, the “voice.”

The voice said, “This is not a family member, she hasn’t met them yet and the person hasn’t crossed yet.”

Okay, so now I’m starting to understand just a little bit of what Noah went through. A flood?

The voice was said it would be alright, she will be open to it. So after the small group broke up and the lecture was over, I asked my wife if she met the women. “Yes, she was very pleasant, why?”

I asked is she alright? Is she open to all of this? She told me she thought she was a life coach or something similar and seemed really interested in this.

I walked up to her and said, “I’m not hitting on you. That’s my wife and I’m happily married.”

I proceeded to tell her that my guides had told me that someone she was to know would badly need a reading to help her back on her path and help her grieving. She said she didn’t know anyone like that and I said you’re right. It’s no big deal. I handed her my card and said give this to the person you will know that needs it for a free reading. She took it and I didn’t think I’d ever her from her again.

Two months later in December she wrote me:

“I met you at the I Can Do It seminar in Tampa and you gave me your card offering a free reading to someone I know who is grieving. You told me I would know who this person is. Can you be more specific about this? Is it a male or a female that I should be offering this to? I truly appreciate your generous offer and want to make sure I am extending it to the right person.”

I responded:

“I think it is a female. It is or will be a friend of family member. It may be someone that you just run across. You will know when it happens. There won’t be a doubt.

Once my guides had me make three healing/prayer fans. I knew right away who the first two where for, but I didn’t have a clue about the third. They told me I was suppose to give the third fan to a lady I didn’t even know. It was a lady that had recently moved to the Dallas area and opened a metaphysical store. I asked for a sign the next day and sure enough they gave me one. I dropped the fan off at her store and left a note telling her it was the wishes of my guides for her to have it.

She tracked me down and found an e-mail for me a few weeks later. On that day that I gave her the fan it was the anniversary of the death of her Native American teacher who taught her how to heal. He had promised her his medicine fan when he died, but she never received it. It was his way of keeping his promise.

So you will know when you will be able to help someone is in a great deal of pain grieving.

It was nice meeting you at the conference. Both my wife and I learned so much by attending.

Good luck and peace, Steve”

I received an email from the person that was supposed to receive the card in July of 2010, ten months after my guides called me out.

“Steve, A new friend of mine gave me a strange message from you to me. I live in NYC. You met her at a book conference in Tampa some time late last year, 2009. She told me recently about a message she got from you. You walked up to her out of the blue and said a friend will come into your life soon. She will have someone in common with you. Have that person contact me…I want to give her a reading. I recently became close with her & her husband. She & her husband were very close to my father. He died on June 10th 2010. She told me that she couldn’t figure out who the person was for along time until we were in conversation a few days ago.”

The lady was very pleasant and believed in mediumship. I set a date to give her a reading three days later. The free reading lasted an hour and ten minutes. I brought through her father that had crossed over in June. I didn’t get his name until about half way through the reading. His mother brought him through. I gave this woman a lot of names that she validated, named and described some pets the father was with now and a lot of other things only she would know. She had cleaned out the house he was living in. I told her that she found a stack of air-mail letters in her father’s desk and they were very important to him and he wanted her to have them. She explained that she did find them and that they were letters that her father had collected with a recent correspondence with long lost relatives who lived in Spain. I described a gold nugget pinky ring and a gun she found in his belongings. He told me he looked like Dennis Farina of the TV show Law and Order. After the reading she sent his photo and he did!

I wondered why I was picked for this mission. It had to be a deal worked in the back rooms of the other side between his guides and mine while this man was still alive. My guides also showed a movie of this man at Hialeah racetrack that had been closed for years. He was also a racing fan that had attended Gulfstream, Belmont and Aqueduct. He was a horse player! I worked all over the country at Thoroughbred tracks for fifteen years!

So his guides knew when he would cross over, knew his friends were at this conference in Tampa nine months before he would die and knew there would be at least one medium there that would be able to receive messages from him and the rest of his family that had crossed over!

It just blows my tiny little cowboy mind! Thank God that my guides and angels are ten times smarter than me and are always looking out for me. I still haven’t figured out why I haven’t won the lottery yet. I ask them all the time.

“You wouldn’t happen to know a guide that knows a guide that may have some numbers…”

They always respond, “You’ve already won the lottery. Just look around and see what you have!”


Steve “Count My Blessings” Spur

Steve Spur

Steve Spur is an Evidential Psychic Medium based in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas area. He reads for people all over the United States to reconnect people with their friends, family and loved ones who have crossed over.

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