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Two of my favorite mediums are John Edward in the USA and Gordon Smith in the UK. Both have a no nonsense approach to mediumship and try to take the mystery out of talking to the dead. This is a great article by Gordon Smith about creating stronger links with spirit. Enjoy! Creating A Stronger Link With Spirit by Gordon Smith In the early days of my mediumship it was often said that my gift was natural. Back then I never totally understood this other than it was something which was part of my life, and that I was born to do. As with many people who have an aptitude for something it eventually becomes apparent as they move through this life. But, even with gifted people there is still an element of training and honing of a skill which makes it stand out and have a worth. Before I ever had a clue about mediumship and the spirit world, I had many episodes linking to these subjects which none of my brothers and sisters experienced and which always made me feel a little bit different. As I got older I found myself, through circumstance attending a spiritualist church and taking part in what they called a development circle; this was to change my life forever. It was in my early development in the church that I began to fathom some of the “other worldly” experiences which occurred in my childhood and for the first time actually look at the existence of the spirit, in this world and on the other-side. Also, it was beginning to dawn on me that many others had similar abilities to the ones I displayed and used them to help people to understand living and dying, death and what lay beyond it. Yes, it’s only in recent years that I see the value of the early part of my spiritual development, what I learned from then and with insight, wish to pass on that knowledge to students like me who wander onto the spiritual path. For twenty something years I have demonstrated my mediumship and for all but two of those years I was not in a development circle. It took the absence of a spiritual class for me to realize the importance of it to me and I would think to any medium that has experienced that type of connection. Every week for more than twenty years I have sat with like minded people building a battery of power which has helped the spirit to link with me and all the others whom I shared circles with over the years. In the circle’s I was part of, no one was more important than another, natural gift or otherwise. It was the circle which was important and each individual was just part of a spiritual family, taught by the spiritual teachers and guides who attended us and by whose very presence we grew as people and expanded in our understanding of the spirit world. It is my belief that a medium benefits greatly from being part of such a system and that the practice should be something which is carried on throughout one’s life and not just seen as primary learning before they embark on demonstrations of mediumship for the public. After all, we can always be taught things in this life, no matter what stage we think we are at or in relation to how many years we have lived on this planet. For anyone out there who believes that they have a spiritual or psychic gift; I would suggest that you try to find others like yourself to sit with and create a spiritual circle where you can all share the experience of building a place of power where the spirit can link with you and eventually teach you what you need to know to use your gift to its best advantage. I really do believe that the circle is the most important part of my spiritual life and where I have learned most about mediumship. Yes, I have certainly learned from the demonstrations and private-sittings I have done over the years, but it is the strength of the connection to spirit in the circle which has given me more proof of their existence and allowed me to trust them to guide my gift. One of the most important changes I find with my experiences of spirit in circle is that I no longer believe in spirit as I did in my early development, but I now would say that I actually know they exist. It will be my pleasure to use this page to help people to learn about spiritual development and the building and running of the circle, I genuinely would like to know that more people were sitting and taking advantage of this process, as well as creating new strong friendships along the way. So, look out each month for my tips on how to strengthen your link to the spirit world and how to build your trust in your gift and hopefully we will be able to direct more people back into circles again. Gordon Smith

Steve Spur

Steve Spur is an Evidential Psychic Medium based in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas area. He reads for people all over the United States to reconnect people with their friends, family and loved ones who have crossed over.

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