Look for the Signs!

I’m always asking my Spirit Guides, Angels and Grandfather for signs. My grandfather gives me Blue jay feathers and wheat head pennies. If I’m about to make a difficult decision, I ask for a sign to help keep me on the path to learn the lessons I signed up for in this life. I go to the store and I find a wheat head penny in my change. I don’t believe in chance or coincidence any more. Try to find a wheat head penny in your change. It’s damn near impossible. Find a Blue jay feather on your truck or better yet in your truck! Damn near impossible. So you can see my signs are a little harder to come up with because I’m a skeptic. Sign songs are some of the best. Ask for a certain song to be played. It’s a sign they are with you when you get in the car or truck, restaurant or any place they play music. Your loved ones know when that song is going to play everywhere on earth for the next hundred years. They will hold you up in the house, hide your keys, stall you, make you remember to change the thermostat, do little errands until you get in the car, shut the car and turn on the radio. My song is Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.” You realize how hard it is to hear that song while listening to a country radio station. It freakin’ happens. ‘Nuff said! A few years ago I was replacing a radiator in my wife’s Mitsubishi sedan. Don’t ever do it yourself, trust me. That radiator kicked my ass to Tucumcari. I was ready to give up. I spent hours trying to replace that thing. I had just about given up and asked my Grandfather in spirit for help. I actually begged and prayed for help. I took a break dripping in sweat and got a drink of cold water in the house. I’d already decided to give it only one more try then call a tow truck to take it to a shop. I came back out of the house crawled under the car and reached for the wrench. Underneath the wrench was a small little feather that looked like a miniature Eagle feather. Wow! I said, “Thank you.” And then it occurred to me that if I crawl under the car from another direction that I’d have a better angle. That did it! Radiator replaced. Now how do you think I came up with the idea to change position? I didn’t do it or I’d have done it hours ago. I don’t know if I’d ever had an original thought in my head to this day. My guides and angles are guiding me to learn the lessons I’m supposed to learn. This time it was, “Don’t give up!” I bring all of this up because last weekend I bought a combination smoker and grill to cook with. It was freakin’ unassembled! So I didn’t wait to get my ass kicked. I asked my grandfather for help in assembling this grill. I dragged the 250 pound box into the living room and opened it up. The thing is 84 inches long and I wasn’t going to put it together outside for five hours and get a heat stroke! Thank God my wife read the directions and was my second pair of eyes. I couldn’t have done it without her or my grandfather. Right before we started working on it. I asked my wife to turn the television to a music channel. She found a station that was playing a concert of Brandi Carlie. You should listen to her sometime she’s great. Anyway the second song that came on was there was a lyric she sang, “My Grandfather gave me a Wheat head penny!” If I’m lying I’m dying! It took her five different stations to find it. Nothing on the two country stations, nothing on VH1 classic rock. Coincidence? Chance? I don’t think so. We slapped that grill together in two nights. Thanks Spirit Guides, Thanks Angels and Thanks Papa! Remember if you want help you’ve got to ask! You’re not going to win the lottery unless you signed up for it before you came down here. But take the advice of my Spirit Guide, Eagle Heart gave me. “You’ve got to play to win!” or is that a lotto commercial? He probably gave them the idea. Peace!

Steve Spur

Steve Spur is an Evidential Psychic Medium based in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas area. He reads for people all over the United States to reconnect people with their friends, family and loved ones who have crossed over.

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  1. Jodi Jenkins on August 7, 2013 at 4:27 pm

    Wow. That's really interesting. I'll start trying to notice things like that even though I'm not a psychic.

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