It’s Not Rocket Science…

Don’t kid yourself. The ideas and random thoughts that lead you to coincidences and chance encounters are not your own. They are no coincidences. Do you really think you’re that smart? Start counting the coincidences in your life and start writing them down. Write all of the random thoughts you’ve had and where they led you. Coincidence? Your ego says yes.
How many coincidences does it take to from a pattern? Look outside the box. Pull back far enough 
and look at the big picture. Look at all of the places you have lived, all of the people you have met,
all of the teachers and bosses you’ve had to this point, both good and bad, how you learned everything
that you have learned and where it has taken you. Chart it out; point by point,  map it to how you came
to be at this point in your life. Any dead ends? What about all of the people in your life from birth to
now see any similarities? Chance?
What if someone you trusted the most was guiding you, maybe an Angel or Guide you met before you
came into this world? Why are they guiding you down this path? What are the lessons you learned and
are learning? Coincidence? Are you growing as a person or are you just surviving. Why would
someone guide you down this path if you didn’t ask them to? Because you did ask them to. Now just
figure out why. When you were a kid you’d look for the hidden objects in the puzzle, like Where’s
Waldo. You needed a soft focus and to pull back from the picture to see the hidden details. Just like
you need to do in your life now. What’s the agenda? Is it to make the most money, collect the most
toys? Does money buy happiness?
What’s your plan? Survive and struggle to make it day to day, week to week? What if everything in
this life was about personal relationships? What if you wanted to experience every type of emotion
there was? How do you measure how far you have come? If you experienced they most horrific pain
and suffering known to mankind, wouldn’t you be able to measure its opposite, such as the most
blissful and fulfilling unconditional love? How far can you measure and experience the depths of one without feeling the other. Say you’ve experienced pain and suffering at a level of four. So now you
could experience true love at a level of four. But you wouldn’t know what it was like to experience
suffering or love at say on the ninth level.
How do you know to love unconditionally and to forgive, if you have not been hated for something
you have no control over, such as how you look, your race, where you were born or raised or for
something that you did? Chance or coincidence? What if someone was guiding you so you could
experience tons of experiences and relationships, the good, bad and the ugly? Why is it so hard to
believe that you asked someone for help before you came down here?
I don’t believe in predestination. Everyone has free will! Thousands of people on the other side have
told me we all have free will. How many times did it take you to graduate first grade? Great. What’s
next? Second grade! Oh my God, when do we get out of school? What do you mean we never stop
learning even up to the seconds before your death?
Think about the most powerful events in your life. List them if it will help you see the big picture. I
will bet that the biggest events in your life have to do with relationships with other people. Everything
you have done or about to do has to do with a relationship with another person. Whether you are
dating or got married, or got the job of your dreams, or has to do with an upcoming decision, it has to
do with a relationship with another person. The story of your life is made up of personal relationships,
the good the bad and the ugly.
 Every relationship is a test. To graduate every grade, you have to experience and take the test. How
many times do you have to retake the same test? Why do you keep attracting the same people,
relationships and problems to your life? It’s a test. How many times do you have to fail the test to
finally learn the answers? It’s a pattern not a coincidence. Write them all down and look for the pattern. What prejudices do you have to overcome to pass the test? What answers do you need to
change to pass the test?
 It’s hard enough to go through school with dyslexia, but to get through chemistry class to graduate
high school when you have a D average in the class was tough. I couldn’t make a cheat sheet large
enough to get through the tests. Then after failing the third high school chemistry test, I noticed a
pattern. I was ADHD and dyslexic but recognized I could memorize 60% of the test, and then I was
screwed. But I saw that of the 50% of the tests were multiple choice questions. Our Chemistry teacher
 was very anal and precise. 25% of the answers would always be the choice of (a) on the test, 25%
(b), 25% (c) and 25% (d). The other 50% of the test was made up of true and false questions. You
guessed it, 50% true, and 50% false. After I made my 60% of correct answers I could make educated
guesses about the other questions. Ended up making a C+ in the class and got to graduate freaking
high school. You still have to guess at some stuff in life.
 Look for the patterns and take a step back from your life. Look for the big picture and you start to see
how things add up. Why did you fail a test and later pass it? Why did you fail a relationship and pass at another? Why are some things in your life hard and others easy? What if someone was tipping you
off and telling you all of the cool shortcuts to learn and get the most out of an experience? All you have to do is ask and open your mind and eyes to your path. It’s not the correct path, because there is no wrong
and right path, just your path. This is the path you signed up for. No predestination, just a bunch of interesting opportunities and experiences that seem random at times that help evolve you and your
true self, your soul.
 Elevate your soul. Transcend outdated thoughts and experience life to its fullest. Get the most out of
this life’s experience. And as you grow you will be able to help others grow and get the most bang for
their buck in life experiences. I do believe the most important experience you are meant to learn is love. Your heart, ego and soul long to be loved by anyone and anything. From the love of a good meal,
a great pet or your soul mate. Your conscious and unconscious mind longs for love any kind of love.
You want to be noticed for who you are and loved. It’s in our DNA. You can’t escape it. What do you
love the most? Who loves you the most?
 If you could share with the world unconditional love, how good would it feel? Don’t know if we’ll
ever know in this lifetime. We put too many conditions on love, such as greed, prejudice, jealousy,
all limitations of our mind and ego. So how do you let go of your ego? Don’t know if you ever can in
this lifetime and in a physical world. You don’t give up trying. We may be at point A today, but
somewhere in the far off distance is point B, uncondional love. It’s a goal. It’s a planned trip that might
take a lifetime to achieve, or for that matter many lifetimes, according to what you believe. Take the
long route, the scenic route, the shortcuts, the planned path or the unpredictable path, but keep an eye
on the prize. Keep one eye open to the mountain peak and one eye to the ground to see how far you
 have come and how far you have to go.
Don’t think that all of the thoughts in your head are yours. Don’t think that you came up with all of
your dreams. Just for a minute think that just possibly there could be a God, and that there are other
beings on the other side that are helping you, inspiring you and give you opportunities to learn and
grow. Just follow the coincidences and they will lead you on your path. Master plan or just a
coincidence? Believe what you want to believe, just believe in yourself.


Steve Spur

Steve Spur is an Evidential Psychic Medium based in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas area. He reads for people all over the United States to reconnect people with their friends, family and loved ones who have crossed over.

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