Just Say it!…

Just Say It!…

Let’s just say it got a little Western last night during the small group reading. A good women friend came through for one of the ladies in the group last night and was as wild and loud as a spirit could be. She said some stuff that made me hesitate. I never edit what spirit says but may a say it in a different way. This spirit didn’t have the time to waste. She just kept yelling, Just say it! “Ok, do you and spirit have a mutual friend who almost twisted her ankle wearing real high heels recently?” Yes, that was this weekend. “Well, your friend on the other side said she doesn’t need to wear the F*** Me Pumps to look good. She can get laid in tennis shoes!” Oh my God, she said that all the time!

You keep your personality on the other side. There were two spirits that came through last night that there may have been some doubts in the family if they made it. “Made it!” Everybody does! Get off your high horse, you’re no better than anybody else. If you were very outgoing like the lady talking heels. You are still outgoing on the other side. If you are reserved and quiet in life, you are on the other side and I’m usually asking you to speak up. If you’re an asshole on this side, you’re an Angelic asshole on the other side. There is no judgement on the other side! You will judge yourself harsher than God himself, I promise. I hate those, ‘Wow, I could have had a V-8 moments.”

One father came through mean and callus and never did apologize to his daughter. Maybe she wouldn’t have believed it was him or in heaven if he apologized. I do know he’s an Ass, drinking Schlitz beer with his brother on the other side. And I do believe he is an Angelic Ass, who really cares about his daughter who is on this side. We all complete our missions in life. Some better than others and they get to advance to the next level or life. Others like me are a little stubborn and may have to repeat a grade to get it right.

Yep, the spirits were strong last night, as there were a lot of outrageous things said that brought a lot of tears and laughter!  For me it’s like getting to watch eight independently produced movies in a night. PJ gave messages from loved ones, angels and guides. She’s always the smart, sweet one giving messages. Well, you know how I am. So it’s kind of like good cop, bad cop. Anyway we have some seats available for the next small group reading and the last small group in November on the 17th. Go to my website or Soul Compass to sign up! Your relatives are coming into town for Thanksgiving and Christmas! This is the year to have a family reading at my office in Irving or your house. Check out stevespur.com for details!
As I’m teaching my 4-yr-old granddaughter, Peace Out!

Steve Spur

Steve Spur is an Evidential Psychic Medium based in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas area. He reads for people all over the United States to reconnect people with their friends, family and loved ones who have crossed over.

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