So Many People Want There To Be A Hell…

I was so disappointed when I found out there wasn’t a hell. But what does it say about someone who wants someone else to suffer eternal damnation, with torture and pain? Evidently it bothers some people who watch my videos. Listen, when it comes to heaven let’s not be throwing stones. I don’t know a perfect person on this planet. Do you get three little strikes or are they big strikes before you’re out of heaven. Can I tell my sins to someone else and they can abolish them for me with a few words and a healthy donation to a church?

I used to be pro-death penalty. Now, I’m a let them think about what they’ve done in jail the rest of their life, kind of guy. There are different levels in heaven. What you may call hell is what I call level one on the other side. When you cross over you become your higher self or your angelic self. You understand the difference in good and bad. That’s why I don’t like to go to bible thumper churches anymore. I know the difference now. God, Jesus and Buddha know that I know the difference and all of your loved ones in heaven know it too.

They don’t have Hitler looking after the kindergarten kids on the other side! As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure he’s not done watching his life review, as it usually takes seconds or minutes for you or me. You not only acknowledge the bad stuff you did in this review, but you live everybody else’s life that you had an impact on. Like that little girl in second grade that you told was ugly or had big ears. That stayed with her for life. She never got over it, along with a lot of mean things that other people said, and probably committed suicide in high school. We’ll screw me!

Yeah, but that was just one little thing you did and didn’t know better. Bible thumping church would have been good for that kid! But you also relive all those other lives that you lived. The one where I killed you and you killed me in another life (Karma) and I cheated you and treated you badly in how many lives? You’ve got to pay for those sins. But how? What do you mean I have to pick a life where all of those bad things will happen to me? You reap what you sow.

It’s in your DNA now! Karma is in your DNA. Bad things happen to you? Forgive and forget. Otherwise they will hang around your neck like an anvil. Why do you care so much that other people get punished? You are living the good life because you like it. It feels good to treat other people with respect, love and kindness. It’s ok if they don’t notice.

I’m thinking I came here from a level three or four from heaven. My wife from level six, at level 8 you get to meet and hang out with Jesus and Buddha and they can tell you what it’s like to live on level 9 and 10 and not have to reincarnate, think about being someone’s guide or guardian angel, and such things. Now don’t get me wrong. I know a lot of people that are or will be in level 1 and 2 in heaven. They’ve known what they’ve done. They get to relive it and the pain and suffering they were associated with until they get another chance to come back again. They don’t get to pick the life they will live like you and I will in the future. I’m saying prayers for them now to get through it. We all started out in pre-K or kindergarten and you’ve got to start somewhere.

I try to hang out with enlightened and happy souls now. It really feels better than revenge. Why would anyone want to make someone feel bad? Why would anyone want to cause pain or hurt someone? I’m using what I learned to pay it forward. I use to think I want to pay it so far forward that I’d come back as the Dallas Cowboy quarterback and throw the game winning pass in the Super Bowl. But after learning a lot more about all of this stuff, I’ll be happy to be a poor Buddhist monk with a full bowl of rice almost every day. Anyway that’s how your and my loved ones have impressed upon me about heaven and hell.

Steve Spur

Steve Spur is an Evidential Psychic Medium based in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas area. He reads for people all over the United States to reconnect people with their friends, family and loved ones who have crossed over.

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