It’s Not Magic…it’s Frequencies!

I don’t like mediums who try to make speaking to the dead a woo-woo subject. They say it’s all about special gifts and other magical BS. It can all be explained scientifically!

Everybody is born this a sixth sense that many can’t explain. You can hear the difference between AM and FM radio. Your dog and other animals can hear frequencies higher than you can. After my accident and severe concussion, I started hearing frequencies that animals hear and higher. Turns out that people in heaven can talk in these high frequencies.

Your third eye is in your mind. You shut your eyes and you can remember movies and anything you’ve ever seen in your head. That act of visualizing past events is a frequency you are tuning in to using past memories. It’s all electric activity going on in your brain. Those on the other side have learned to broadcast these electrical frequencies into my head from their soul.

It took me about seven years of studying and practice to be able to tune in to those frequencies and hold the “station” for as long as I can. When I’m done talking to them, I can tune into another frequency, Just like you can change to a different station on your radio or TV.

The way I learned to connect to the people you want to hear from is by listening to the sound of your voice. I’ll usually ask you to say your name for me a couple of times. Your voice contains the frequency of everybody in your soul group (25 to 35 of your closest friends and family), even though you all had different voices in this life, you all connect to the same frequency. That’s how you find your loved ones in heaven. You just dial into their frequency. It will be second nature for ya on the other side, like breathing here. I can hear the subtle differences in your family’s frequencies. I can tell if it is a male or female frequency.

The akashic record are contained in your frequency. Your past events, hopes and dreams and future possibilities of your life are contained in your frequency. There is no predestination, but lots of potential possibilities, side roads and events you choose to be in before you incarnated to this life. Sometimes a psychic will pick up on these to give you advice. I don’t like to work with possibilities, so I don’t share these with you, but if your loved ones share this, I pass it along as I never edit anything from spirit. If you’re going to have a baby girl and grandma wants to congratulate you before your pregnant, then that’s ok.

I don’t believe in hauntings. It’s all energy and frequencies. Yes they can move and hide objects from the other side. But why? It’s to get your attention and not scare you. Yes, all children until the age of five (in most instances) and most pets can see spirit. You were born with the ability to see spirit frequencies that appear in physical world. The more you can quiet your mind and spin the dial, so to speak, the more you can pick up on these frequencies. Try it sometime!

Steve Spur

Steve Spur is an Evidential Psychic Medium based in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas area. He reads for people all over the United States to reconnect people with their friends, family and loved ones who have crossed over.

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