Lou Diamond Phillips

How specific can a spirit be? This afternoon a brother in spirit came through for his sister, and he showed me an actor’s photo and I couldn’t remember his name. So I said, he’s showing me the Dallas actor who played Mexican and Native American parts and was in the movie, “Young Guns.”

She said, Lou Diamond Phillips. She had just seen the movie yesterday and goggled him to look up his information. She said his name is still on her search on her phone. So her brother does know everything that is going on with the family! He also mentioned the boy who was skate boarding, in which she said he just messaged her to say he was at the skate park. I ask spirit to be as specific as possible!

Steve Spur

Steve Spur is an Evidential Psychic Medium based in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas area. He reads for people all over the United States to reconnect people with their friends, family and loved ones who have crossed over.


  1. Cathy Stephenson on May 19, 2020 at 2:20 pm

    Steve, I was raised on a farm small farm in the now stop 6 area of Ft Worth. I saw things as a child, but was told it wasn’t real. A few months ago I had some visitors from the other side rhythmically beating down at the foot of my bed by my feet at about 3:00 am. I opened my eyes to be certain I wasn’t dreaming and it continued until I lifted my head. This happened 2 or 3 nights in a row. I’ve spoken with my friend Pattie and she gave me your name. Do you do classes? She thinks I’m a medium I have no idea? Would love to find out.
    Sincerely, Cathy Stephenson

    • Steve Spur on October 2, 2020 at 9:22 am

      Hi Cathy,
      I don’t do mediumship classes any more, because too many people would take one class and the next week they would have a internet page, saying they were a working medium. I studied under dozens of the best mediums in the world and practiced for seven years before I started reading for the public. I recommend that you study as many books about mediumship as you can and take some classes with the world class mediums in the United States, like Echo Bodine, John Holland, Lisa Williams, etc. Good luck!

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